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    About Us

    The Amoroso Companies are a private, family-owned real estate investment company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1976 by Joseph J. Amoroso and his son, Joseph T. Amoroso, the Amoroso Companies diversified portfolio consists of hospitality, commercial and medical office, multifamily, retail and self-storage.

    The key to the success of our Company, whether it is a development project or an investment acquisition, has been careful selection of assets and prudent management. We are conservative in our analysis and target opportunities in well established locations with a proven track record. By staying true to this strategy, the Amoroso Companies have assembled a portfolio of properties that produce consistent cash flow, in addition to achieving steady growth.

    The Amoroso Companies team has extensive experience in development, acquisitions, financing, investor relations, real estate law and dispositions. It is this experience that allows us to execute our investment strategy and to optimize the relationship between debt, equity and yield.